For people with limited dexterity such as those with arthritis, operating the keypad or simply holding the phone can be difficult. For these people, the following features may be of interest:

  • Ability to use the phone in 'handsfree' mode
  • Predictive text input that predicts the word and minimizes the number of key presses
  • Any key answering which allows the call to be answered by pressing any key
  • Voice recognition for dialing or accessing features within the phone
  • Design where the controls of the phone do not require pinching, twisting or rotation of the wrist

Consideration may also be given to the shape of the device with a 'candy' bar design being more useful to avoid the extra movements that a phone with a folding or sliding design requires.  A flat back on the phone can also be helpful to allow for operation on a table top rather than having to be held.

Optional accessories such as a Bluetooth headset or keyboard can also make life easier through making texting and talking much easier.