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In a highly competitive market, mobile phones with a dazzling array of features are released all the time. This often makes it difficult to choose a new phone, especially for people with a particular or unique need for accessibility related to vision, hearing, speech, dexterity, or cognition.

Helping to highlight those features of mobile devices that are beneficial in special circumstances – and to assist in identifying features to look for in devices – is the idea behind the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI), a project run by the Mobile & Wireless Forum.

Accessibility affects all of us

Accessibility is not just about disability, and the GARI website is aimed at everyone. Sooner or later, we will all experience accessibility issues. Consumers might want to buy a new phone for an ageing parent, or their own eyesight, hearing, or dexterity might not be what it once was. GARI is designed to help consumers find a phone or tablet with features that make life just that little bit easier.

The GARI site features an evolving searchable database that currently has information on more than 110 accessible features and provides the information on more than 1100 devices in many languages.

GARI offers positive outcomes for all concerned:

  • Consumers: A comprehensive searchable database of phones, tablets and accessibility related apps in multiple languages.
  • Government: A reporting format that is far more extensive than any countries’ existing requirements.
  • Manufacturers: The opportunity to produce one accessibility report for your product for global use.

Would you like to discuss how your company can participate in GARI?

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“The most significant information initiative currently available. We would strongly encourage other manufacturers to participate.”
(UK Consumer Panel Report)

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