Using Features

Learn how to use GARI

  • by watching this video guide (don't forget to turn on the closed captioning!)

Once you have found a device that has accessibility features that work for you, it is important to know how to find and activate these features. For this reason, the MWF has created a series of short 1-2 minute videos to explain how to activate the screen-reader, noise cancellation, the dictation function, flashlight notifications, invert colours, adjust text size and much more:


Guidance by manufacturers

The device manufacturers also provide in-depth explanations on the accessibility features in their products:

Additionally, Google publishes a series of videos on accessibility features in Android:

More training on using features

When you have mastered the first steps with the accessibility features on your device, you can explore the following free resources to learn and train further:

GARI research project 2021

Following the request from GARI users, the MWF launched a research project analyzing to what extend accessible mobile technologies can bridge the gap in assistive technology provision. Based on this research, two papers have been published:


Figure 1: Screenshot of the two published GARI papers