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Many of today's mainstream mobile phones and tablets offer a number of accessibility features. The following collection of links tries to put together a number of resources describing how to find these features in your device and how to use them.



Several manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets have dedicated websites explaining about the accessibility features in their devices:


Presentations & Handbooks

  • Wireless Independence Now! A review of accessibility features on smartphone, phablets and tablets by wireless RERC
    • This summary of a mobile accessibility workshop organised by Wireless RERC contains several slides explaining where to find the accessibility settings on iOS and Android devices and how to activate and use them. The explanations contain screenshots of the OS platforms, making it easy to follow the path to the accessibility settings on your own device.


Videos by peers

The following videos show you how to use the accessibility features built into your phones and tablets:

  • Accessibility features on iOS: An overview of the Accessibility Features within iOS. These features are available on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.



These podcasts give explanations on accessibility features in Android:

Here you find comparisons of assistive apps on Android and iOS:

These podcasts give explanations on accessibility features in iOS:


Easy Read

Here you find an easy-read guide on how to use your mobile phone: