Mobile phones are becoming increasingly complex devices offering a variety of features that can be bewildering for many people. That is why making the phone and its features as easy to use as possible is good design sense for everyone. Ensuring menus and instructions are clear and simple to understand, providing simple instructions when something is required from the user and providing enough time for people to enter the required information are all features that most people will benefit from.

Another particularly useful feature is the ability to associate photos with telephone numbers in the phones memory.
Other features that may be useful include:

  • Having a choice between audio, visual or vibrating alerts to let users know when they're receiving a call
  • Keys provide audio, visual and tactile feedback when pressed
  • Popular functions such as placing a call can be controlled by repeating pre-recorded voice commands
  • Help menus designed to anticipate the information being sought
  • Keypad shortcuts to make every step quick and efficient